Systems Division

PGE's systems division manufactures turnkey, plug in place, skidded systems. We have the capabilities of designing, fabricating, and assembling modular fluid process skids. PGE takes a multilayered approach, considering minimum redundancy, ease of maintenance, and minimum life cycle cost during the design of all products. 

As part of our system design we  provide a comprehensive engineering package that includes operation manuals, bill of materials, dimensional data sheets, P&IDs, and a complete electrical submittal specific to each system.

PGE offers a wide variety of pre-engineered solutions to most pump challenges. Upfront engineering fees are waved when selecting from our family of modular skidded systems. In addition we offer a wide variety of custom engineered solutions for fluid handling applications.

Our systems are in operation across United States. Some of our common applications include, chemical injection, metering, heat transfer, fluid sealing systems, lubrication units, boiler feedwater, condensate return, cooling tower units, and fluid transfer system.

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